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Who needs evidence when you have a pretty chart and touch screen thingy?

Rex Sinquefield lobbyist Travis Brown went on CNBC last week to promote a very pretty-touch-screen-chart-thingy in place of fact-based analysis. Despite the hosts' fascination with Brown's bright shiny object, they still managed to poke several massive holes in his logic. As you watch it, note how one of the mesmerized CNBC folks pops Brown's balloon with the inconvenient fact, "there is no conclusive connection between tax rates and the reasons that people move."

For fact-based analysis of giveaways to the One Percent, check out recent studies by the Missouri Budget Project and The Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy.


A few notes: 

  • 1:32 Host 1: We don't expect a massive wealth flight because there are greater considerations quiet often on the table. Host 2: Well that's what the current academic research shows.
  • 1:40 Host 2: I mean, I love I love this chart. This is like my new angry birds, I could play with this at my desk for hours. It's just amazing what they've put together here. 
  • 2:08 Host 2: Now the previous research does show that there is no conclusive connection between tax rates and the reasons that people move, but, what I love about this map is that you do see a pattern...
  • 2:40 Host 3: You noted the migration to Florida, how much of that is demographic? I mean people move to Florida when they retire...isn't it the weather and the fact that they're retiring that they're going to Florida for? Travis Brown: Well by no means are we suggestion that taxes are the only factor...
  • 3:22 Host 2: This does not show wealth created by people who live in California and stay there. So, there are more millionaires in California and New York then anywhere in the country, and these numbers do not include the wealth created by Facebook, by all these companies...