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In which Chris Koster Teaches Tim Jones about the Constitution (as told in gifs)

Speaker Tim Jones (and attorney) took to teh twitterz earlier this summer to show off his expert legal analysis of House Bill 436 when he declared that nullification is perfectly legal, even though the Supreme Court says it isn't. 

Unfortunately for Speaker Jones, there are some lawyers that seem to disagree with his conclusion. For example, Attorney General Chris Koster. 

General Koster, in a letter released yesterday, stated that House Bill 436 wasn't a fantastic idea because: "Preventing Missouri Law Enforcement Officers from Cooperating with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Endangers Public Safety."

Tim Jones didn't take that too well.

Next, Koster pointed out that: "Allowing Criminals to Sue Police Officers for Enforcing the Law is Uncharted Public Policy."

But Timmy wasn't having it.

Finally, Koster concluded: "State Nullification of Federal Law is Unlawful."

Jones did this:

Chris Koster did this:

And us "cheeto stained, basement dwelling, hateful, lonely left wing trolls" did this:


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