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What Republicans are Saying about Rex Sinquefield and Tim Jones' bullying tactics

Billionaire Rex Sinqufield has long used bullying, threats, and money to scare Missouri legislators. However, Sinqufield and his ally Speaker Tim Jones have begun to heavily target Missouri Republicans and they aren't very happy about it. 

The Sinquefield-bankrolled Missouri Club for Growth is actively fundraising to primary incumbent GOP house members and members of the republican caucus are rebelling. Republicans have lashed out against Sinquefield ally and Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, calling him a "disgrace."

In their own words:

  • Don Phillips (R-Kimberling City): "Now all we need is for (Sinquefield funded) Missouri Club for Growth to realize the veto session is over and to stop spewing their damaging chatter. Bullying tactics didn’t work then and won’t work now!" 

  • Nate Walker (R-Kirksville): "Well, one threat was they (Sinqufield allies) would spend a million dollars against me in my next election process."

  • Lynn Morris (R-Nixa): “...we may want to discuss how we will work a deal with the Speaker. For me, unless I get a personal apology and a handwritten statement to the media, I will not be able to forgive the Speaker at this time.” 


  • Sen. Ron Richard (R-Joplin): "There's a lot of that stuff goes on, but when there's actually efforts going on saying, 'Vote for this, or you're going to have a primary,' you know what I would say? 'Bring it on, big boy.' "


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