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We're sending a plane to...

Liberty. House District 17. Rep. Myron Neth’s backyard.

This summer, we put the General Assembly on notice that any legislator who voted to override Governor Nixon’s veto of the Rex Sinquefield-backed tax scheme might be receiving an airplane and banner advertising their votes against local schools.

Myron Neth is the ‘winner.’ He’s earned this distinction byvoting against his district, voting against his local schools, and voting against the advice of his local education leaders.

The local schools that are (poorly) represented by Rep. Neth won’t be losing millions of dollars with the HB253 tax scheme, because Republicans and Democrats came together to stop the madness. But Neth stood up for the extremists, not the kids in Liberty. 

So next Friday, we’re sending an airplane and banner to fly around the 17th House District before the Liberty Blue Jays’ football team takes the field, advertising Neth's misrepresentation of their interests in Jefferson City. 

Stay tuned. 

Onward and upward,
(573) 427-7326

p.s. We still need to raise $200 to meet our budget goal for this campaign. Can you chip in $8 here


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