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Tim Jones’ terrible, horrible, no good, very bad radio interview (as told in GIFs)

Tim Jones took to teh twitterz on Tuesday to announce that he was once again LIVE.

It was going just fine for the birther speaker, but then Mark Reardon said: “I’m a little concerned. I do think there’s a message in that ad from Rick Perry…that is a little suspect when it comes to this attempt to poach jobs from Missouri.”

And Tim Jones was all like:

It didn’t get much better when Reardon remarked: “It doesn’t seem to me that your side…is winning the PR battle.”

And Tim Jones was all like:

But Timmy tried to turn the whole interview around, when he reminded us: “People are afraid of fear.”

Reardon decided to move on and said: “In terms of total state tax revenue per capita, Missouri has the 46th lowest burden in the nation.”

And Tim Jones was all like:

To wrap it up, Reardon concluded: “The Governor’s side might be winning that PR battle right now, which doesn’t leave you in a very good position for the veto session.”

Rex Sinquefield was all like: 

And Tim Jones was all like:

Of course we can't forget Rick Perry, who was all like:


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