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Gary Cross

Gary Cross Conveniently Forgets About His Largest Donor, STL Billionaire Rex Sinquefield

Gary Cross says his brother is his biggest financial backer. Nope -- it's radical STL billionaire Rex Sinquefield.

Gary Cross's ALEC Junket

ALEC politicians are wined and dined at ALEC events, then asked to take bills back to capitols to present as their own

In late 2011, as most reps were home preparing bills for the coming legislative session, Gary Cross was instead attending an ALEC junket in Scottsdale, Arizona. While there, Cross was wined and dined by lobbyists who gave him their bills to bring back to Missouri and present as his own. In just two days, they spent more than $250 on food and drink for Cross, including a $156 dinner at the swanky Mastro’s Ocean Club Steakhouse.


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