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Ed Emery

Progress Missouri Files MEC Complaint on Abuse of Lobbyist Gift 'Group Expenditure' Loophole

'But finding out who dined and passed the check isn’t exactly clear in disclosure forms filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.'

Progress Missouri has filed a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission regarding the improper reporting of gifts on an a recent American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) junket. 

GOP Leaders in General Assembly Leaders Embrace Discredited Nullification Theories

Nullification, the theory that states may invalidate federal law they declare unconstitutional, was first proposed in 1798. Since that time, attempts by state to engage in Nullification have been declared unconstitutional in 1809, 1813, 1819, 1821, 1824, 1832, 1842, 1859, 1958, and 1960. So yeah, the Supreme Court is pretty sure Nullification isn’t constitutional.

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