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Speaker Jones Spews Hate on Right-Wing Radio

When Speaker Tim Jones hits the right-wing radio circuit, he sometimes forgets that people who disagree with him are listening -- and that he represents a lot of people who don't agree with all of his radical ideas. Here's just a sampling of what the Speaker spewed on 97.1 FM Talk in early August:

  • “Liberals and the far left...they hate history,and they hate facts."
  • “The Left Hates Facts, don’t they?"
  • "The reactionary anarchist left have co-opted the mainstream media."
  • “Liberals are making a big deal about the [Trayvon Martin and George] Zimmerman case to distract people from the U.S.’s failing economy.”
  • "Wasn’t this Obama’s plan?  The continued Europeanization and socialization of the United States "
  • “The left wants to redistribute the fruits of the labor”.
  • "Most of the lynchings in the 1800s were committed by Democrats against Republicans."

Listen for yourself: 


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