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Shout Out To The Good Guys

With all the craziness and attacks against Missouri's middle class being pre-filed by the General Assembly this week, it is worth taking some time to acknowledge exceptional legislation and the good guys sponsoring it. Here is a look at some common sense ideas that should be discussed come January.


Snaps to Senator Jamilah Nasheed and Representative Jeff Roorda for sponsoring legislation to help hard working Missourians and protect Missouri's minimum wage.

Good on all the Representatives and Senators filing legislation to end the monetizing of democracy and implement campaign finance reform

Huzzah for Senators Scott Sifton and Jamilah Nasheed for sponsoring legislation to end the culture of corruption in Jefferson City and limit bribery via booze, food, and gifts from lobbyists.

Double huzzah for Senator Scott Sifton's bill to combat school bullying.

Finally, bonus points for Representative Jeremy LaFaver's bill to do the only right (and smart) thing, expand Medicaid.

Make sure to thank these good guys next time you see them, in person or on the interwebz.


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