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Shane Roden: Under Fire From Own Party For “Stolen Valor” In Misleading Flyer

Shane Roden, Republican candidate for Missouri House District 111, has never served in the military but is under fire from members of his own party for a flyer that allegedly led voters to believe he was a veteran. As he was in the midst of a competitive primary campaign against a veteran, Roden began distributing a flyer that featured him next to a warplane in a flightsuit. Despite being informed by voters and his primary opponent that the flyer made voters believe he had served, Roden refused to discontinue use of the flyer.

Jason Jarvis, Roden’s Republican primary opponent, hasn’t minced words when discussing the controversy on his facebook page. Jarvis slammed Roden for “stolen valor” and “intentionally misleading voters for political gain”:

JARVIS: “I just want to make it known that Shane Roden the Rep. nomination for State Representative in District 111 purposely misled voters to believe he was a veteran. I warned him his campaign material was misleading and that it had been expressed to me by voters when I went to their homes that they thought Roden was a vet. I asked Mr. Roden before the primary to change his flyer.. Mr Roden refused and instead showed up at the VFW with the same misleading flyer and persisted in handing it out. He continued even after a voter looked at his campaign flyer and mine and stated, " So your both Vets." I thought that would have been proof enough for Mr. Roden to know that I was not misleading him and that his flyer made people truly think he was a vet since there was no disclose to state other wise.. Instead Mr. Roden continued to hand out the misleading information to voters and chose to explain his flyer on his facebook page after the election was over. Mr. Roden committed stolen valor and intentionally mislead voters for political gain. This is the worst offense any politician can ever commit and he needs to be held accountable. I have attached his campaign flyer. Draw you own conclusions and if you agree with me, please pass this around and let him know how you feel on his facebook page. Shane Roden”

Roden dismissed the controversy as a simple case of “sour grapes” from Jarvis after he lost the primary. Jarvis disagreed, claiming that Roden was warned multiple times about the misleading flyer but deciding to hand it out at the VFW anyway on election day. Jarvis said that Roden’s actions were a “slap in the face to veterans and as low as you can get for a politician.”  

JARVIS: “I would like to answer to Shane Roden comments to the St. Louis Post. This is not a case of sour grapes as he calls it.. He was asked to place a disclaimer or use another photo. He has chosen to mislead voters instead. If you have time and room to place endorsements at the bottom of his campaign flyer, he could have added a disclaimer or changed the photo when he was notified it was misleading people. Instead he showed up at the VFW on the day of the election, handing out the same flyers even after a voter stated, "so you are both vets" when the voter had seen both of our campaign material. This is a slap in the face to veterans and as low as you can get for a politician. If you are a firefighter why choose a photo of yourself next to military aircraft in a military flight suit? Why not use one of yourself in a fire fighter suit?”

Screenshots of Jarvis' Facebook posts may be found below.