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Rex Rejected, Again

Candidates propped up by radical STL billionaire Rex Sinquefield were defeated across Missouri today, in a resounding blow to Sinquefield’s dangerous attempts to remake the Missouri legislature in his image. In House Districts 3, 130, 144 and 155, voters chose to retain leaders who stood up for their communities and refused to bow to Sinquefield and his cronies.

Sinquefield spent a staggering $503,338 this summer through his Club for Growth PAC front group to exact revenge on Representatives Paul FitzwaterNate Walker, Jeff Messenger, and Lyle Rowland for refusing to sign off on a risky, radical tax scheme in 2013. A breakdown of Sinquefield’s obscene spending is as follows: 

  • To oust Nate Walker of Kirksville, House District 3: $219,773
  • To oust Jeff Messenger of Republic, House District 130: $158,342
  • To oust Lyle Rowland of Cedarcreek, House District 155:  $108,702
  • To oust Paul Fitzwater of Potosi, House District 144: $16,521

“The message to Sinquefield and his cronies today was clear: get lost,” said Sean Soendker Nicholson, Executive Director of Progress Missouri. “The voters rejecting Rex’s radical agenda today were Republicans in Republican primaries. The only people happy with Sinquefield’s attempts to hijack our democracy are the politicians and consultants taking his cash.”

For a full breakdown of Missouri Club for Growth PAC spending for and against candidates in primaries, see an output of Missouri Ethics Commission filings here.