Rex: Raising the Minimum Wage an "Injustice"

In an interview with KMOX Rex Sinquefield, Missouri extremists' favorite political donor, said raising the minimum wage is an "injustice" on par with racist police practices.

Rex Sinquefield: "People are marching in the streets for all the alleged and sometimes real injustices against teenage African Americans — but this [raising the minimum wage] is one of the greatest injustices of all and it’s done every year, in every state. Anytime it goes on a statewide ballot, it passes. For the life of me, I don’t understand why this issue is so hard to understand it’s pretty clear-cut."

From The Pitch:

A majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage. Kansas City just passed an increase to $13 an hour by 2020, and a similar ordinance is being reviewed on the other side of Missouri, in St. Louis. This is happening all across the country, of course, as more people understand the inherent injustice of billion-dollar corporations paying full-time workers wages that set them below the poverty level.​

Pretty scary that a man injecting billions of dollars into Missouri politics, buying candidates and organizations, is this disconnected from reality.