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The Show-Me Institute is far more than one of Rex Sinquefield’s pet projects - it's part of a national network of right-wing belief tanks, a franchise in the Koch Brothers-funded State Policy Network and supported by the Koch-connected Donors Capital Fund.

Predatory lenders spend a lot of money on Missouri politicians and Missouri political consultants to protect their obscene business practices from basic interest rate limits and other reforms.
Silly people say a lot of silly things in the Capitol. So we send cameras.

We got frustrated with the time and expense required to go through the Missouri Ethics Commission's request process on ethics disclosure documents -- so we're collecting digital versions and putting them online for public review here. 

Through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), corporations hand Missouri legislators wish lists in the form of "model" legislation that often directly benefit their bottom line at the expense of Missouri families. Behind closed doors, numerous ALEC model bills are crafted by corporations, for corporations. Elected officials who are members of ALEC then bring their model legislation back to Missouri, where they claim them as their own ideas and important public policy innovations without disclosing that corporations crafted and pre-voted on the bills at closed-door meetings with legislators who are part of ALEC.