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Top 10 Missouri Moments on Late-night TV

Missouri has provided its share of material for late night comics in recent years. Here are some of our favorite clips.

10. Better Know a District - Missouri's 3rd or 1st - Russ Carnahan

"Stephen questions Congressman Russ Carnahan on Obamacare -- and whether it should be called Carnahan-care."

9.  Todd Akin’s Media Problem

Remember this guy?

8.  Daily Show on Puppy Mill Supporters

Even the Dog Whisperer can't see that a law regulating puppy mills is one more step to making America a communist society.

7. Colbert on 17th Amendment:  

Because if you're unelectable, you can always bribe a state legislature to appoint you.

6. The Daily Show on Roy Blunt:

Blunt sponsors a bill that would allow healthcare providers to deny women contraceptives if it clashed with that provider’s religious beliefs and moral convictions. But don’t get him wrong – Senator Blunt’s amendment had nothing to do with contraceptives

5. The Daily Show on Senator John Lamping:

In the most recent clip on the list, State Senator John Lamping is quoted as saying, “The entire cost of Medicaid in Missouri is one third of Missouri’s budget…we can barely afford to be in the Medicaid program as it exists today.” I suppose it’s possible he’s been living under a rock, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and help him out here: Medicaid would no longer be “as it exists today” if Missouri allows the federal government to PAY FOR THE EXPANSION WITH ITS OWN MONEY.

4. The Colbert Report on Cynthia Davis:

she opposed subsidizing lunches for low-income children during summer break because “hunger can be a positive motivator” – that’s a good point. I know my hand-eye skills are at their best when I really need to get a grape into my mouth.

3. Steve Cookson’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill on the Colbert Report:

Cookson wanted to ban public schools in Missouri from teaching kids about sexuality because, of course, if we don’t teach our kids about the gay, they won’t BE the gay. Or think the gay is okay.

2. The Daily Show on Todd Akin:

the female body can shut down pregnancies that would be the result of a rape. This one is a classic.

1. The Daily Show on Wanda Brown:

HB1621 aimed to protect gun owners from being fired on the grounds that they owned or used guns – because before this bill, the second amendment didn’t apply to Missourians.


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