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Five Priorities MOLeg should have instead of unconstitutional nullification bills (as told by graphs)

The Missouri Legislature is once again proposing unconstitutional nullification of federal laws while ignoring the real problems that Missourians face. Here are five issues the legislature should be focusing on instead of nullification.


The Legislature could start by funding K12 at the required statutory level, not $336,000,000 under it. 

Then they could work to get Missouri's universities the resources needed to compete in a global economy.

Expand Medicaid and save Missourians hundreds of millions of dollars.

Implement ethics reform and stop wealthy special interests and lobbyists from buying votes with food, gifts, and booze.

(totals for lobbyist gifts to legislators January-August, 2013)

Once they get all that sorted out, maybe the legislature can make discrimination against working Missourians illegal.


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