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You Can Be Fired for Being Gay, and the Missouri Chamber Wants to Keep it That Way

In Missouri, you can be fired simpy for being gay-- and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce wants to keep it that way. Remember back in February, when a lobbyist for the Chamber equated extending protections to LGBT community members to aliens?

“If you make those changes, you can add anyone to those classes. You can add little green men if you want.”

Ron Calzone, director of conservative think tank Missouri First, made it very clear that they also want to keep it so Missourians can be fired for being gay:

“I think that I have the God-given freedom to discriminate as a private individual against anyone for any reason I want to."

Over 1,000 Missouri businesses support Missouri’s Nondiscrimination Act also know as MONA, which would add lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals to the Missouri Human Rights Statute. Monsanto and Express Scripts, some of the largest employers in the state, testified in support of MONA at the Wednesday hearing.

It’s time for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce to listen to their base and to the public. It’s time to make “fired for being gay” history in Missouri.