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Update: Corica Takes Posts Offline While He And His Prominent Supporters Remain Silent

Joe Corica clearly missed the lesson of our blog post about his lack of a filter on social media: the internet is forever and screenshots don't lie. In a pitiful attempt to pretend it all never happened, Corica has taken all the posts down. Anyone attempting to view his page now gets this error message:

Unfortunately for Joe's campaign, the extremism we shared yesterday is just the beginning of what he has posted online over the years. 

You read that right. Joe Corica is so enraged about free birth control for women that he decided Republicans need to respond by requiring every home to have a light machine gun.

I have a confession to make. I don't believe for 2 seconds that anyone in Democratic party leadership actually thinks taxpayer-subsidized birth control 'enpowers women' or somehow works toward 'gender equality'... So, then I thought, turnabout is fair play... Introducing Speaker Boehner's next move. The Universal Right to Firearms Act. In it, Americans are required to purchase, at a taxpayer subdized discount, a single M-249 SAW light machine gun per household.

Noted expert on "how money works," Joe Corica supports poverty wages.

to those of you campaigning for the 'minimum wage' to be raised: Stoppit. You don't know how money works.

Aside from frantically trying to remove all record of his misdeeds, Joe Corica has not responded to the release of his unfiltered views to the public. Neither have the prominent House Republicans that hosted a fundraiser on his behalf back in August. 

Voters deserve to know: Did State Representatives Sue Allen, Kurt Bahr, Kathy Conway, Robert Cornejo, Don Gosen, Doug Funderburk, Ron Hicks, Andrew Koenig, Mike Leara, Mark Parkinson, Chrissy Sommer, Anne Zerr, Paul Curtman, and Speaker-Elect John Diehl know how Corica feels about the issues when they helped raise money for his campaign? If not, will they continue to stand with him now that they do?