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Tom Schweich Is Glad His Part-Time Job Is Convenient For His Gubernatorial Campaign

Speaking with the Missouri Press Association this morning, Tom Schweich revealed just how little he respects Missouri voters. Just three months after he was reelected as State Auditor, he has already turned his eyes toward his true ambition: the Missouri's Governor's mansion.

.@TomSchweichMO on running for #MoGov: 'The nice thing about my job is that it is a statewide job with no particular hours.'

— Rudi Keller (@CDTCivilWar) February 12, 2015

Schweich's view of the Auditor's office as just a stepping stone is nothing new. In 2009, as he was campaigning for Auditor for the first time he pledged to serve a full-term as Auditor only if the Republican Party "unites behind me." Otherwise, he said all bets were off. 

Missouri voters show up for work every day. The deserve a State Auditor who does the same, not one who views the office as just a stop on the way to the Governor's mansion.