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Tell Sen. Dixon Missourians don't want to follow Indiana's lead

UPDATE: Rep. Elijah Haahr's license to dicriminate bill (HB104) has been passed out of committee. Take action now to tell your legislator that discrimination is NOT a Missouri value!


With Indiana’s image left in tatters for passing an anti-LGBT discrimination bill last month, one would think Missouri legislators would back off attempts to legalize discrimination in Missouri.

Well, think again.

This afternoon, a committee chaired by Senator Bob Dixon (R-Springfield) could approve Rep. Elijah Haahr’s (R-Springfield) bill (HB104) to allow religious groups on college campuses to discriminate while enjoying all the benefits of being subsidized by public funds through the university.

That’s just wrong.

Contact Senator Dixon now at (573) 751-2583 - tell him discrimination is NOT a Missouri value.

Missourians don’t want to follow Indiana's lead, because discrimination is not a Missouri value. Over 1,000 Missouri businesses from all over the state, including multiple Fortune 500 companies, have sign on in support of the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act.  

It is long past time for Missouri lawmakers to reject discrimination, pass MONA, and make the words “fired for being gay” history.