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Statewide Canvasses Draw Attention to Medicaid Expansion & the Coverage Gap


On Saturday, January 31st, Missourians across the state walked through their neighborhoods and passed out flyers to discuss the issue of Medicaid expansion, the coverage gap and who is responsible for inaction on this issue. These canvasses took place in every corner of the state, from Kansas City, to West Plains, to St. Charles. Missourians are speaking up for Medicaid expansion and calling on Jefferson City extremists to stop playing politics with peoples lives.

"There are so many stereotypes about single mothers. But there are many like me who are working hard trying to take care of themselves and their families. We're in a constant battle to keep our heads above water. It's really scary to think of what could happen if something awful were to happen to me when I don't have any coverage."

-Arielle Speer, Joplin resident

“I worked at a call center in Cape last year, but it closed. I now work part-time at Burger King and cannot find affordable health coverage. I earn too much for Medicaid, too little for the exchange-- which is frustrating, especially as I’m dealing with chronic knee pain and the physical, emotional and financial stress that causes.”

-Echo Garrett, Cape Girardeau resident

“I know my neighbors wouldn’t want my daughter to have to remain uninsured just because of political differences between Republicans and Democrats. People in Jefferson County put people, not politics first, and I want to remind them that too many of our neighbors are suffering just because of politics.”

-John Antonich, Pevely resident

Not only is expanding Medicaid the right thing to do, it would save livessave jobs and save the state millions of dollars.