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Some Senators Think They're Above the Law. They're Not.

Progress Missouri films and live streams a lot of committee hearings in the Capitol. It's important to document what's happening, what's said and what's being done by our elected officials for our state. But some state senators, including Mike Parson, MIke Kehoe and David Sater think that the Sunshine Law doesn't apply to the public hearings of committees they chair. In previous years, we've been denied access to film hearings by Ron Richard, Scott Rupp, Will Kraus and Brian Nieves. 

We've tried to work with Senators to gain access to public meetings in accordance with the Sunshine Law, but a handful of Senators have steadfastly refused to let the sun shine in. 

Here's the letter our attorney sent Senators Parson, Kehoe and Sater this week: 

Progress Missouri attorney's letter to Missouri Senators by ProgressMissouri


We remain hopeful that Senators will decide to comply with the Sunshine Law without legal action. The Senate helped write the Sunshine Law. It's time for them to start abiding by it.