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Sinquefield's Pet Economist Helps Write Fiscal Notes for Missouri Legislature

Kansas City Star:

When Missouri lawmakers evaluate legislation, they rely on a nonpartisan staff to tell them how much money any particular bill could cost state government.


In many cases, those legislative researchers rely on the expertise of economics professors at the University of Missouri’s Economic & Policy Analysis Research Center, or EPARC.


Many of the economists working for EPARC, including its director, have financial ties to organizations with strong ideological leanings — most notably a group founded by conservative megadonor Rex Sinquefield.


That has led some who have historically opposed Sinquefield’s tax-slashing political agenda to wonder whether the information that ends up in the hands of legislators is as objective as it’s advertised.

Sinquefield attempting to buy influence in the Missouri legislature? No.... oh wait, yea that does sorta sound like him.