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Schweich Advisor Accuses Sinquefield of "attempting to buy Missouri government"

Schweich Advisor: Sinquefield "appears to be attempting to buy Missouri government"

Unhappy with the news that Catherine Hanaway is Rex Sinquefield's hand-picked candidate for governor (he sent here a $750,000 check yesterday!), Tom Schweich advisor Nathan Adams blasted out the following yesterday about Rex's efforts to "buy Missouri government." 

Catherine Hanaway reported today one of the worst financial quarters for a major party Governor candidate in Missouri political history.  Her candidacy was in complete free fall.  She was then bailed out the same day by Rex Sinquefield to the tune of $750,000.  He also bailed her out during the first quarter of 2013 with a $50,000 contribution.  She is now dependent on one man and his self-described “political army”. Tom has not decided on his own political future beyond 2014 but this much is clear: under no circumstances should Hanaway be the nominee of the Republican Party for Governor in 2016. And under no circumstances will we sit idly by while one person — who has already had his cronies sue the Auditor’s office more than 10 times — appears to be attempting to buy Missouri government.

Emphasis added. It should be noted that Schweich received $30,000 from one of Sinquefield's front groups on the final day of the third quarter, but it's good to see an emerging bipartisan consensus that Sinquefield's schemes are bad for all of the Missourians not on his payroll.