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Roy Blunt: Phyllis Schlafly Is A "Legend" Who Stands Up For The "Right Thing"

Roy Blunt joined Ed Martin in presenting the Missouri GOP lifetime achievement award to Phyllis Schlafly in 2013.

Speaking at the Missouri Republican Party's Reagan Lincoln Days in Kansas City last weekend, Senator Roy Blunt kicked off his speech by praising extremists Phyllis Schlafly and Ed Martin:

BLUNT: I don’t want to go any further without saying thank you to Ed for believing so passionately in the things that make the country great. What a great choice that Phyllis Schlafly made asking Ed to step up help her and manage the great effort that she’s put together over the years with Eagle Forum. We’re going to have Kelly, uh, Phyllis come in one morning next week to have coffee in my office with Republican Senators. If there’s a legend from where we live of somebody who has over and over again who has stood up for the right thing, it’s Phyllis Schlafly. If there’s anybody who can stand beside her and make that right thing move forward as the country needs to move forward, it’s Ed Martin. Ed congratulations to you for that assignment and for being willing to take it. Congratulations to the Eagle Forum for asking you to step up and play that important role as those values move forward.

That's right, Blunt believes that Schlafly is a "legend" who always stands up for the "right thing". Here are few a of the "right things" that Schlafly has stood for:

  • Earlier this year, Schlafly said that the idea of transgender rights was "just plain nuts" and that the problem with LGBT Americans is "they are trying to make us respect them."
  • Schlafly opposes efforts to fight sexual assault on college campuses, saying it was a "war on men" and that it was "really dangerous for a guy to go to college."
  • Schlafly has called for colleges to implement male admission quotas and "stop granting college loans" to reduce female enrollment at colleges.
  • Schlafly opposes the Violence Against Women Act because it promotes "divorce, breakup of marriage and hatred of men"
  • Schlafly said women could stop the problem of sexual assault if they would just focus on getting married instead of having a career.
  • Schlafly has urged the GOP not to court the Hispanic voters or pursue immigration reform, saying they should instead focus on "the white votes."

That's some "legend."