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Rep Hicks on Spousal Consent: "Bottom Line It's Still Her Body"

Rep. Ron Hicks, a staunchly pro-life Republican who has been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life, may have unintentionally made the case for why his colleagues should stop pushing anti-women’s health bills.

Speaking at a sham country club "hearing" of the House Telecommunications Committee on January 27th, Hicks had this to say about Rep. Rick Brattin’s infamous HB 131 which would require a woman to receive notarized permission from the father to receive an abortion:

HICKS: There is a piece of legislation we’re actually watching, I wanna see how it turns out. I don’t know how the standard... That's the one about father’s rights to a woman who’s pregnant with a child. I can totally get it and understand it, I just don’t know how you would do something like that. I mean bottom line it’s still her body. How do you do something like that? I’m curious to see who says yes, who says no. I’ve been asking certain people outside the dome what they think and so far they don’t like it. Male and female for that matter. None of the women like that idea at all. 

Yep, it’s “still her body”, and that's why health care decisions are best made between a patient and her physician, not Jefferson City politicians.

Rather than continue to be befuddled by how one would implement another outrageous restriction on women's access to reproductive health care, Rep. Hicks and his colleagues may want to focus on expanding Medicaid to improve the health of Missouri families.