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Progress Missouri statement on the Ferguson grand jury decision

For over 100 days, demonstrators in Ferguson and the greater St. Louis region have worked tirelessly to call attention to racial profiling, the inappropriate militarized response by law enforcement to peaceful demonstrations, and the criminalization of a search for answers by members of the community and the press. It’s time for state, local and federal leaders to come together to address long-standing structural problems that have led to segregation, hopelessness and violence in far too many Missouri communities.

These structural problems must be addressed, because pretending they don’t exist or that they are someone else’s problem isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Progress Missouri is committed to building a Missouri that works for all of us, and we stand in solidarity with organizations and citizens working for justice and dignity for all Missourians.

Sean Soendker Nicholson
Executive Director, Progress Missouri
[email protected]
(573) 427-7326