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Progress Missouri named "Best Political Organization" in The Pitch's Best of KC Issue

Well, shucks: 

Progress Missouri

Critics' Choice

The Missouri legislative session has become a hyper-partisan melee in which pernicious and idiotic ideas — largely conceived on the conservative side of the aisle — gain traction, become bills, and sometimes even get signed into law. So it’s a great blessing to have a group such as Progress Missouri on the ground in Jefferson City. Sean Nicholson and his team of progressive advocates are an oasis of sanity in a state whose officials often seem to care most about receiving gold stars from the NRA, denying women reproductive rights, and transferring money from cash-strapped public services to greedy corporate interests. Whether tracking the influence of puppet masters like Rex Sinquefeld and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) or just drawing attention to crazy tweets by Missouri lawmakers (House Rep. and gun nut Brian Nieves has been a source of much unintentional comedy), Progress Missouri is an essential source of information for non-wingnuts in the Show-Me State. And we highly recommend subscribing to Progress Missouri’s High Five at Five e-mail newsletter, which rounds up the five biggest statewide stories of the day, and which we skip only when we’re too outraged to handle any more bad news.