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Medicaid expansion **made money** for Kentucky, and created more jobs than expected

Medicaid Expansion is the right thing to do, part 1.1 billion

One year after it was enacted, Kentucky's Medicaid expansion is benefiting patients and health care providers — and is expected to generate jobs and economic growth that will more than offset $1.1 billion in state costs through 2021, according to a state study...

The expansion, which enrolled 375,000 people in the health care program for the poor and disabled last year, is now projected to create 40,000 jobs and add $30 billion to the economy in the next six years — more than initially predicted.

Commissioned by the state, the analysis by Deloitte Consulting and the University of Louisville found that added taxes, revenue and cost savings will generate a net budget gain of nearly $820 million for state and local governments over that time.