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Medicaid Expansion Gaining Momentum

More and more Missourians are realizing certain legislators' irrational hostility to Obamacare keeps people stuck.

The number of organizations advocating for Medicaid expansion this spring has increased to 1,047 — more than doubling since January’s opening day of the Missouri General Assembly, according to the Missouri Medicaid Coalition. On Jan. 8, 519 organizations were petitioning lawmakers to expand Medicaid. Many are health care providers, but the list also includes business and trade associations, veterans’ advocates, religious groups and more.

-Joplin Globe

If facts mattered, Medicaid expansion in Missouri would be a slam dunk.

If legislative leaders like Speaker of the House John Diehl, R-Town and Country, and Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey, R-St. Charles, really don’t believe that Medicaid expansion would be good for both the Missouri economy and the general revenue budget, then they should hold a hearing and prove Medicaid expansion advocates wrong.

Missourians are tired of waiting for the legislature to do the right thing and close the coverage gap by expanding Medicaid. Every week an average of 15 Missourians die from a lack of access to healthcare. An estimated 1,800 health care jobs have been cut and three hospitals have closed.