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Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Says He's Experienced "Gradual Impoverishment" with $86k Salary, Asks for More Money

Peter Kinder, ladies and gentlemen: 

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder wants more money for doing his job. The Republican officeholder is asking legislators to put money in the budget for a daily expense allowance when he is working in Jefferson City...
He receives an annual salary of about $86,000. But Kinder says he's experienced "gradual impoverishment" during his decade in office...
One of the lieutenant governor's duties is to preside over the Senate. Kinder wants to receive the same allowance that legislators get, which is $103 a day. He's seeking a per diem whenever he's in Jefferson City, not just when the Legislature meets.

-KC Star

When he's not seeking an increase in pay, Peter Kinder spends his time: 

Out of touch much, Lt. Governor?