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Kurt Schaefer's ill-concieved Amendment 5 is already going terribly wrong

Kurt Schaefer's reckless and unwarranted Amendment 5 has just this week been used to overrule laws banning felons from owning guns.

The Kansas City Star writes:

Missouri and Kansas have spent the last two years passing laws that recklessly expand access to firearms without regard to public safety. 


For Missouri, the alarming consequences of that overreach are becoming clear.

Even though many experts warned against the legal repercussions, Schaefer denied that his bill had far reaching and dangerous consequences.

[...] the ruling understandably has dismayed prosecutors and some police officials, who had predicted this outcome when they urged the legislature not to put the measure on the ballot. 


If prosecutors lose the ability to prosecute felons in possession of firearms, more gang members, drug dealers and domestic abusers — the persons responsible for most of the shootings in our communities — will be allowed to carry guns,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said in a statement.


It is mindboggling that even this Missouri legislature would come up with such flawed language. More incredibly, the sponsor, Sen. Kurt Schaefer of Columbia, is a lawyer seeking the Republican nomination for attorney general.

Reached earlier in the week for comment, "[Schaefer] insisted that allowing felons to automatically have possession of firearms was not 'the intent or legal effect of Amendment 5.'"

Unfortunately, and as many had been wary of, that is not how the law is being interpreted.