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KC Star: Campaign donations and lobbyist gifts "the biggest scandal" in Missouri government

Over the weekend the Kansas City Star published an editorial highlighting last week's debate on campaign finance reform, a non-partisan issue that needs attention.

Confirming the obvious, the Star writes:

The biggest scandal in Missouri government is the audacious campaign donations that wealthy individuals and interest groups heap on office holders and potential candidates. Outsized political contributions cause political leaders to serve special interests at the expense of ordinary citizens.
But unlimited largesse from lobbyists is also a problem. The appearance of lawmakers being lavishly wined, dined and otherwise feted by people with a stake in legislation is unseemly, but painfully accurate.

Missourians are watching the effects of organized money and want their legislators, on both sides of the aisle, to represent their issues not those of special interest groups. It's time for our legislators to pass real ethics reforms.