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How To Undermine Your Political Career Before It Starts: Another Case Study With Rob Vescovo and Andrew McDaniel

Joe Corica isn't the only candidate aspiring for the Missouri House this year who may have jeopardized their chances for a political career long before deciding to run. Rob Vescovo, candidate in the 112 House District, and Andrew McDaniel, candidate in the 150th House District, are the two newest examples in this sadly reoccuring series on our blog.

In 2012, Rob Vescovo started the newspaper We The People.

Vescovo then proceeded to use the Facebook page to post these offensive and sometimes racially charged graphics:

Vescovo even took to his twitter account the day before the 2012 election to share a lame attempt to deceive and disenfranchise Democratic voters.

Stay classy, Rob.

Andrew McDaniel, a law enforcement officer, apparently thought changing his profile picture to this offensive photo was a good idea.

Yikes. He wants to be our next State Representative, but according to the Pemiscot County Clerk McDaniel, who's been registered to vote since 2003, voted for the first time in  his life just this April after he decided to run for State Rep.

Andrew McDaniel is also fond of posing for selfies with his guns: