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How To Ruin Your Political Career Before It Starts With Social Media: A Case Study With Joe Corica

He has opinions about things. And he posts them to the interwebs.

Meet Joe Corica.

He has opinions about things. And he posts them to the interwebs.

For all young Americans, it is important to remember that anything you post online stays online forever (or close to it). For those with political aspirations, this advice is even more important. With that in mind, here are a few examples from House District 70 candidate Joe Corica of how to reveal a little too much about yourself, handicapping your political career before it starts. 

That's right kids, Joe Corica, a candidate important enough that John Diehl would be the special guest at a fundraiser for him, said abortion is "about eugenics and population control, never about women's health":

abortion has never been about ‘women’s health’. back-alley horror stories are told to gain emotional sympathy, but if abortion were truly about ‘womens health’ we could expect to see a high concentration of abortion clinics right by upscale neighborhood gyms and health spas. but we don’t. we see them in slums and ghettos, primarily. it has always been about eugenics and population control, never about women’s health. [emphasis added]

We'll let Joe's words speak for themselves:

the nice thing about being a free man is that you can call me sexist, chauvinistic, judgmental, and xenophobic... but I can still call you 'gross' and keep your marriage illegal by popular vote. mwahahaha. ph34r the moral majority. some days... i just wake up and feel like trolling

Unfortunately, Joe's anti-LGBT bigotry doesn't stop there:


That's right, Corica thinks same-sex love is "literally an abomination":

“to take the concept of ‘holy matrimony’ and apply it to sexual perversion is among the more disgusting things a government can do. morality is the very foundation of the fabric of a free society. While it is impossible and Orwellian to legislate who can have sex with whom, there is a difference between ‘not legislating morality’ and ‘legislating sexual perversion to be acceptable’… legalizing gay marriage is a federal mandate that this country views homosexual intercourse as productive to society, which is literally an abomination.” 

In 2008, in a blog post to his website captured by the Wayback Machine Corica went even further, comparing LGBT Americans who claim "to be born this way" to "kleptomaniacs, serial killers":

Most Americans with even a smattering of religious upbringing (and some without) would feel insulted if someone claimed “infidelity is key to my religion because it makes me happy, it completes me. Legalize it!” Yet this is exactly what the Gay Rights movement is trying to do. There is little or no attempt to make it “right” or “palatable” to mainstream America, simply a “this is us, now tolerate us”. There are no hearts and minds being won! So, the homosexual community has won tolerance, but if they ever wish to achieve “sanction” they will have to start the uncomfortable conversation involving morality. Some hearts and minds need to be won somewhere, mine included, and I have yet to hear a decent argument for why the behavior itself is ok.  Typically the response is “we’re born this way” but so are many kleptomaniacs, serial killers, blind people, and handicapped people. Despite that all of the above are arguably “born with” a condition, society deals with them in a certain way. (cures for the blind/handicapped, prison/psychiatric help for kleptos, prison/death penalty for serial killers).  To summarize, one cannot talk of government sanctioning ANYTHING until the people of America wish to sanction it. The current direction of the homosexual community is to avoid discussing morality altogether, appealing to government without changing the minds of the people--in truth, I believe they fear the results of such “mind changing” discussion. When it comes to the subject of morality, homosexuality has hardly a leg to stand on. Yet a moral defense is exactly what they will need to change the minds of America.” 

Also from Joe's 2008 era blog is this sexist post in which he complains that the fact that Hillary Clinton "is grotesquely ugly" is "wrongfully trivialized.

No discussion of politics can be complete without broaching the subject of all that is wrong with Hilary Clinton. Among all the things I disagree with her on, all the things that irritate me about her, the one that is most wrongfully trivialized is the most obvious of all:  She is grotesquely ugly. Some people may think this is a poor reason to denounce a candidate, but they simply havent thought it all the way through. I'm not saying Bush is going to be walking down any fashion runways anytime soon either, but he does not have the same effect on the eyes as a cheese grater on cheese (as Hilary does).  What this nation needs to remember is this: Whomever we elect we will have to see plastered on newspapers, magazines, and tabloids for the next 4 years. Do you really want to spend the next four years looking at Hilary Clinton? I dont...I prefer my sleep without nightmares, thank you. This alone should be reason enough to vote Obama. 

Sadly, we're just warming up with Joe:

Yep, Corica felt compelled to brag about "Facebook stalking" a female client, which isn't creepy at all: 

When it comes to facebook stalking...*cracks knuckles*... I've still got it! today i was on the phone with one of our clients and they put me on with this girl who had a computer problem... and she sounded cute. so i tried to find her on fb and viola! I did. and I was right, she is cute! haha

Smart take, Joe. Obama is a racist and George Michael Zimmerman simply had "an altercation" with Travyon Martin.

I consider Obama a racist. He hates white people. I also consider everybody calling Zimmerman a racist a racist. They are assuming because he had an altercation with a black person, he's a racist (because he's not black). In other words, they're judging him based on his skin color. That's racism.

Finally, we have this post Joe made just a little over a year ago:

Yes, Corica was unemployed but could not believe an employer would have the audacity to wake him at 8am for a job interview. Someone should have warned before he decided being a State Rep would be a cool job that the Missouri House regularly holds hearings first thing in the morning.

got another 'callback' today, like at 8 am. and I'm like, dude. I'm unemployed. you honestly think I'm waking up before 8 am? so I called him back, and he said Dell will be conducting phone interviews today and Monday about the position. since I missed his call I will have to wait til monday. hopefully they dont find a better candidate than me before then

Oh, he's on Instagram too. 

Quite a guy, no?