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House Majority Leaders Embrace Corica's Bigotry and Extremism, Cut Massive Check To Bail Out His Campaign

A week ago, we brought you the offensive and bigoted social media ramblings of 70th District legislative hopeful Joe Corica. He quickly deleted his Facebook account and his campaign has went into hiding ever since, dodging calls from reporters and going radio silent on any campaign messaging. This led some to mistakingly believe his campaign was effectively over.

Far from it: The Missouri House Republican Campaign has decided he is a candidate worth investing in, and sent $27,302 his way, more than double what Corica had raised to this point.

Sadly, it's no surprise that the HRCC is coming to the rescue of the Corica campaign. The group is run by House Republican leaders like Speaker-Elect John Diehl, who has helped Corica raise money once before. And local consultant John Parker, who claims to have talked to Corica about his Facebook rants, says Corica "had the blessing and significant support from the party bosses like House Rep, John Diehl. So his creditability [sic] seems intact".

Just who is the HRCC embracing with open arms? A man who believes abortion is "about eugenics and population control, never about women's health," who has decried same-sex love as "literally an abomination," compared gay Missourians who "claim to be born this way" to "kleptos, serial killers," said George Zimmerman just had "an altercation" with Trayvon Martin, opposes raising the minimum wage because he "knows how money works," and creepily bragged about "Facebook stalking" a female client. 

If House Republican leaders and Corica expect the voters of the 70th District to elect him, he will have to stop hiding from voters and reporters and answer for his immature and hatefilled posts. No amount of last minute campaign cash can erase his record. 


Here's the Facebook event page for Corica's fundraiser with Diehl: