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Gary Cross Conveniently Forgets About His Largest Donor, STL Billionaire Rex Sinquefield

Gary Cross' biggest financial backer is Rex Sinquefield

Last night in Lee's Summit, State Representative Gary Cross and Kenneth Duvall participated in a candidate forum sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce and the Lee's Summit Journal. They were asked "how much and where has your largest contribution come from?" Cross claimed:

In this year, 2014, my largest contribution was $5,000, matter of fact. It came from a guy named Dave Cross. I’m happy to say that the Lee’s Summit money I’ve received I’m very proud of. 

Not quite. In reality, St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield is his largest donor for this election cycle, not the "Lee's Summit money" Cross is so proud of. In a series of three donations, Rex's front group Grow Missouri has sent $9,000 to Gary's campaign committee, the largest of which was $5,000 in late August. 

Rex Sinquefield is trying to buy himself a legislature and Gary Cross is clearly an important part of that plan. Cross should level with voters about the outside special interests and billionaire who is funding his campaign.