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Even Sam Brownback Supports Medicaid Expansion

Hey, Missouri legislature, even Kansas Governor Sam Brownback would sign a Medicaid expansion bill into law.

On Medicaid expansion, Brownback voiced a different stance than many Missouri Republicans, who have rejected any expansion outright. Brownback said he was neither for nor against expansion, but that his main concern was improving the system if more citizens would be added to the rolls. Like many states, Brownback says waiting periods for Medicaid recipients is already unreasonable. But he did clarify that if he was presented with a legislative proposal to expand Medicaid that met his own personal financial concerns, he would likely sign the bill into law. -Missouri Times

Support for Medicaid expansion in Missouri is overwhelming: Missourians in the coverage gap, health care providers, chambers of commerce, community and faith leaders, and hospital officials urge the legislature to do the right thing.

It’s time for Missouri legislators to have the debate. It's time for them to find a solution for Missourians who are suffering.