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Cynthia Davis is 100% Behind Catherine Hanaway's 'Sexual Permissiveness' Theories

Former State Representative Cynthia Davis devoted her entire weekly newsletter to defending Catherine Hanaway against "short-sighted, small-minded, and cruel people" who found her remarks on working mothers and "sexual permissiveness" bizarre and offensive.

Davis, infamous for her suggestion that "hunger can be a positive motivator" for children, said she agreed 100% with Hanaway that through a "culture of sexual permissiveness through abortion and other peripherals, we will end up at a conclusion where every sexual preference is acceptable i.e. pedophilia, animals, promisicuity, homosexuality, transgender behavior, and any other deviant activists."

Davis also said she "truly feels sorry for the women who have been beguiled into making their bodies available to men outside of Holy Matrimony" and complained that "women's right organizations" haven't condemned Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Here's the full text of Davis' defense of Hanaway:

What is the real "war on women"?  It's curious how many women claim they want "equality" or even preference when it comes to legislative involvement for pay, benefits and jobs.  Yet, few understand how much women have lost when our culture moves toward sexual permissiveness.

Catherine Hanaway spoke at a conference I attended recently. View her speech here.

Her remarks were spot on, yet several left-leaning media outlets have treated with hostility and name calling.  This just shows how short-sighted, small-minded and cruel people can be when reminded of the importance of having moral standards.   Here's one example:  Catherine Hanaway Channels Her Inner Todd Aiken.   Let me make it simple for all of us to understand:  

1.)  In a sexually permissive culture, more women bear children without the benefit of a married father present in the home.  This means one less set of eyes, ears, hands and frequently, one less paycheck.

2.)  While it's easy to understand why this would make life more difficult for the child, it also presents additional hardships on the mother.  From Catherine Hanaway's speech, she makes the point that out of wedlock births have:

a.) Impoverished women
b.) Reduced their access to educational opportunities
c.) Impoverished and endangered their children
d.) Forced those children to grow up in households where their mothers have to work.
e.) Forced their children to grown up in a home with no father.


3.)  What do the women get out of this arrangement?
Answer: Nothing!!!
That is why this is the real war on women.  While some may argue that the women allowed themselves to be lured into this arrangement, the declining cultural influences are a significant factor and we are all bearing the brunt of this disadvantageous situation.  Here is an article with the back up numbers:
Falling Marriage Rates Reveal Economic Fault Lines 

If we attempt to protect the culture of sexual permissiveness through abortion and other peripherals, we will end up at a conclusion where every sexual preference is acceptable i.e. pedophilia, animals, promiscuity, homosexuality, transgender behavior and any other deviant activities.  

I truly feel sorry for the women who have been beguiled into making their bodies available to men outside of Holy Matrimony  I also applaud all the brave women, like Catherine Hanaway, for having the courage and moral fortitude to speak the truth and be a conscience for our culture.   

Does anyone know of a women's rights organization that has come out condemning the movie, "Fifty Shades Of Gray"?  Where are all the groups that are supposed to be standing against violence and standing for the protection of women?  (Hint: they all seem to be the same people who are standing for Christian principles.)