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Concerned About Free Speech and Expression? There's an app for that!

Are you concerned that your civil rights are being violated? Well, now there’s an app for that!

In response to concerns raised by Missourians attempting to demonstrate in Ferguson following the shooting death of Michael Brown, the ACLU of Missouri has launched the Mobile Justice smartphone app. The ACLU of Missouri Mobile Justice app was created to empower individuals to hold Missouri law enforcement agencies accountable for their actions.

Mustafa Abdullah of the ACLU of Missouri explained the inspiration and goals of the new app.

“Peaceful protesters were being told by the police that they were not allowed to stand on the sidewalk for more than five seconds. I fully understood that I would be arrested if I did not comply with the order. In fact, I was subsequently told that I could not walk back and forth over the same block, nor could I stand and pray on the sidewalk. I was harassed a total of five times within an hour. The only reason this absurd five-second rule is no longer in effect is a successful Federal Court challenge to the 5 second rule that was won by the ACLU of Missouri.  Most of the goings-on in Ferguson have made it clear that US law enforcement officers are defaulting to militarization as opposed to de-escalation in times of civil unrest. In reaction to the larger trend of police using excessive force during these episodes the ACLU has created Mobile Justice.”

The app is currently only available on Android phones, but an iPhone version is in the works. To download the app and learn more, visit