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Career Government Employee Chuck Basye Condemns Government in Campaign to Join State Government

Chuck Basye spent his career as a government bureaucrat, working more than thirty years at the Federal Aviation Administration as both a programs analyst and FOIA coordinator.

There's obviously nothing wrong with this. The FAA is obviously extremely important in keeping folks safe when they're in the air. But now that he's running for State Representative as a conservative Republican, he hates the gubmint, Basye rails against the federal government: 

"My ancestors knew that real prosperity doesn't come from the government... freedom doesn't come from the government... If we want to prosper and be free once more, it's time to put the government back in its place." 

Ok then. 

Also note that Basye endorsed SB 509's risky tax scheme this year, saying he "absolutely" would have voted to override Governor Nixon's veto, despite vehement opposition from mid-Missouri education leaders. The tax scheme will provide a windfall for the wealthiest Missourians while doing little for the middle class and risking education funding for years to come. As someone who's collected nearly $20,000 in federal farm subsidies, it seems Basye has no problem with prosperity from the government as long as it is lining his own pocket or those of his wealthy campaign donors.

Watch the ad here: