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Canton Rep Says He Helps Colleagues Hide Lobbyist Gifts from Ethics Commission

via the Memphis Democrat

Rep. Craig Redmon (left) is pictured with Congressman Roy Blunt and Senator Brian Munzlinger

via the Memphis Democrat

Missouri state law requires lobbyists to report the free stuff they give to legislators and other public officials to the Missouri Ethics Commission, including free meals, booze, junkets and sports tickets. In just the last 24 months, a whopping $1,849,303 has been accepted by Missouri public officials. This looks terrible, because it is terrible. But Rep. Craig Redmon (R-Canton) has a novel solution for his colleagues that would rather keep their freebies secret from their constituents, and the Ethics Commission: 

As for Redmon, 38 of the 39 items on his report fall under “meals, food & beverage"...
Redmon said he had never paid attention to his lobbyist report prior to being contacted by the Daily Express for comment. In some cases, Redmon said he’ll claim multiple dinners from a lobbying event in an effort to help legislators who are sensitive to having anything on their report.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Redmon said. “Nobody’s going to buy my vote with a dinner."
“I think it’s important that you’ve got to keep your integrity.
If I ever felt my integrity was for sale, it would be time to get out.”

We think integrity is important to, Representative. Ceasing your practice of attempting to decieve the public and Ethics Commission is a good place to start.