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Candidate confused about whether his money came from John Diehl or Grow Missouri

Despite his best efforts to distance himself from Rex Sinquefield's brazen attempt to buy his speakership, the connections between John Diehl and Sinquefield continue to grow. On July 14th, Andrew McDaniel, a candidate for State Representative in the 150th District, filed his campaign finance report and listed a $2,000 donation from John Diehl's campaign committee. 

Normally, this wouldn't seem to be all that special. Diehl often donates to his potential House Republican colleagues.

However, just a week later, McDaniel filed an amendment to his report, stating that he needed to change the name of the contributing committee to the "proper name".
The proper name of the committee giving $2,000 to McDaniel? Not Diehl's campaign committee, but the Sinquefield front group Grow Missouri.

The check from Diehl and/or Sinquefield's front group was the largest monetary contribution McDaniel had received at the time, and he's only reported $20,279 in contributions (as of 30 day post-primary report) for his entire campaign.  

So how does one confuse a major contribution from Grow Missouri with a major contribution from Speaker-Elect John Diehl?