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Bill Lant Admits ALEC's So-Called "Right To Work" Will Lower Wages

As we reported yesterday, pre-filing began for the 2015 legislative session and was dominated by ALEC-inspired attacks on workers and voting rights. Representative Bill Lant was at the forefront, filing two versions of the so-called "right to work" bill that were word for word matches for ALEC's model bill. Today, Lant admitted to Missouri Digital News that if ALEC's proposal is passed, that wages may drop by "2 to 3 dollars an hour." 

Lant isn't the only ALEC champion who has candidly admitted the proposal would cut wages for Missouri workers. Last session, State Senator Ed Emery said "one of the things that will be advocated by the unions is look at all these right to work states, average wages all go down. Sure they go down." Representative Bill Burlison also admitted that Missourians would earn less if ALEC's corporate backers got their way and passed so-called "right to work" in Missouri.