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Like Akin, Caleb Rowden's Agenda Is Too Extreme for Missouri

Caleb Rowden isn’t a doctor, but that’s not stopping him from making health care decisions for women in Missouri. Despite the fact that Missouri soundly rejected Todd Akin’s extreme views on women’s reproductive health care, Rowden has relentlessly pushed his Akin inspired anti-women’s health agenda in the Missouri House. 

When Todd Akin made his infamous statement about pregnancy rarely resulting from “legitimate rape”, Caleb Rowden “declined to completely cut himself off from the Senate nominee.” Rowden initially refused to call on Akin to drop out of the 2012 Senate race, saying “I Am Not Going To Make Any Calls… I Am Not Sure That Anybody Cares.” When it became clear that Missourians did care and were outraged by Akin’s comments, Caleb Rowden reluctantly reverse course, calling on Akin to drop out while offering this bizarre explanation for his initial refusal to do so.

‘I initially stayed away from saying anything publicly because, in large part, I just didn't think my opinion made a whole lot of difference in such a high-profile situation,’ Rowden said.” [Columbia Daily Tribune, 8/22/12]

Caleb Rowden has not reverse course on his Akin-inspired anti-women’s health agenda. Rowden, like Akin, opposes legal abortions for survivors of rape and incest. He has said he "believes life is precious and it should be treated that way," and that he opposes abortion in all cases except when a pregnancy endangers a woman's life. Caleb Rowden was “proud” of his vote supporting a bill allowing medical providers to refuse to provide medical care based on their religious, moral, or ethical objection. On his campaign Facebook page, Rowden touted his vote for a bill banning “webcam” abortions. And Rowden cosponsored a bill targeting abortion providers with excessive regulation.

Caleb Rowden voted for the controversial law tripling Missouri’s mandatory waiting period to 72 hours with no exceptions for survivors of rape and incest. And, despite the fact that eight out of ten Missourians are concerned the 72-hour waiting period intrudes on women’s private medical decisions and most agreed with the governor’s decision to veto the bill, Rowden voted to override Governor Nixon’s veto.

Like Todd Akin, Representative Rowden hasn’t met a restriction on access to women’s reproductive health care that he doesn’t like. And just like Akin, Caleb Rowden’s agenda is too extreme for Missouri.