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The Wrong Approach for Missouri

You may have seen stories this week by the StarBeacon or Post-Dispatch about a proposal from Gov. Nixon’s administration to “turn away federal food stamp aid intended to help states hurt most by the recession.”

Progress Missouri Flying Aerial Banner Over Friday Football Game in Rep. Neth’s Backyard

Progress Missouri is sending an aerial banner to fly over the 17th House District Friday evening to advertise Rep. Myron Neth’s votes for HB253, the radical tax scheme that would have harmed Liberty schools -- and public education across the state -- if it had become law.

We're sending a plane to...

Liberty. House District 17. Rep. Myron Neth’s backyard.

This summer, we put the General Assembly on notice that any legislator who voted to override Governor Nixon’s veto of the Rex Sinquefield-backed tax scheme might be receiving an airplane and banner advertising their votes against local schools.

Shifting stories from Speaker Jones on Missouri Freedom Alliance, LLC

In interviews with the Kansas City Star, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and KCMO Talk Radio, Speaker Tim Jones has given seemingly contradictory explanations for what Missouri Freedom Alliance, LLC is allabout and when it was active.

We Did It

Just a quick note of thanks from the Capitol.

We defeated Rex Sinquefield's terrible tax scheme because Democrats and Republicans stood together against the crazy.

We defeated the nullification bill that was too extreme for the NRA to support because Democrats and Republicans stood together against the crazy. 

Your calls and emails and posts and tweets and more calls and more emails helped make this happen. Sometimes it feels like we don't get to celebrate wins very often in Jefferson City -- but today, sanity won.

Dem Leaders Call on Speaker to 'Clear the Air' on Side Deals

Although you initially told The Star that Missouri Freedom Alliance performs legal consulting on the legislative process, you later retracted that statement and said the firm only does legal work unrelated to legislative or governmental matters. That may be true, but your shifting explanation coupled with your refusal to divulge your clients or any information regarding the work performed makes it difficult for Missourians to take you at your word."

Five Questions for Tim Jones

Saturday’s Kansas City Star story by Jason Hancock raises numerous questions about Speaker Tim Jones’ secretive side business, Missouri Freedom Alliance, LLC. Beyond the ability for the Speaker to accept of unknown sums of money for unknown services while he wields so much power in the General Assembly, Jones’ shifting explanations about the nature of 'Missouri Freedom Alliance' raise huge red flags.

Speaker Gives Conflicting Accounts of Secretive Side Business

Today in the Kansas City Star: "At his day job, Tim Jones is an attorney for a St. Louis law firm. He draws another, modest salary as a state legislator. But in some recent years, the speaker of the Missouri House also earned money through something called the Missouri Freedom Alliance...When first asked about the limited liability corporation — which he founded his first year in the legislature — the state’s most powerful lawmaker said in two separate phone conversations that he made a small amount of money over the years doing legal consulting on the legislative process...Later, Jones said he misspoke and that Missouri Freedom Alliance had nothing to do with legislative issues. Rather, he said, the work was limited to consulting on private legal matters that the law firm he works for wasn’t able to handle." 


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