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It's Time for the Missouri Senate to Abide by Its Own Sunshine Law. Seriously.

We sent the following letter to Senators Mike Kehoe, Tom Dempsey, Ron Richard and Joe Keaveny today. We have a Sunshine Law that applies to all public bodies. It's time for the Missouri Senate to start abiding by it.  

The 23 Republicans and 1 Independent Who Voted Against ALEC's So-Called 'Right to Work' Attacks

Speaker John Diehl and House Republican Leaders may have pushed through ALEC's so-called 'right to work' legislation with a narrow majority, but make no mistake: Diehl fell far short of the numbers he'll need to override a gubernatorial veto, and Democratic Senators are certain to filibuster the bill if it's even brought to the Senate floor. 

VIDEO: Catherine Hanaway's Full 'Sexual Permissiveness' Speech

Full video of Catherine Hanaway's 'sexual permissiveness' speech.

A baby step forward

We’ve taken a baby step forward.


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