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Medicaid Expansion Gaining Momentum

Missourians are tired of waiting for the legislature to do the right thing and close the coverage gap by expanding Medicaid.

71% Approve Silvey’s Medicaid Expansion Plan for Veterans

MOScout released polling results that show 71% support for Sen. Silvey’s Medicaid expansion bill aimed at veterans and their families.

Statewide Canvasses Draw Attention to Medicaid Expansion & the Coverage Gap

On Saturday, January 31st, Missourians across the state walked neighborhoods and handed out flyers addressing the issue of Medicaid expansion and getting rid of the coverage gap.

Where are the most uninsured Missourians? Think rural.

Rural Missourians suffer the most without Medicaid expansion.

Closing the Coverage Gap is Still Like, a Big Freaking Deal

Missourians from all across the state travelled earlier this week to the first Medicaid expansion lobby day of 2015. Advocates met with key legislators about closing the "Coverage Gap" and expanding Medicaid this session.

Onder begins Senate career with recycled stunt to make health care more expensive

Dr. Bob decided to begin his senate career with a lame political stunt attacking Missourians access to affordable healthcare. Republican Senator-elect Bob Onder from St. Charles recently filed legislation that would suspend the licenses of health insurance companies that accept federal subsidies for the plans they offer on the federal marketplace.

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