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Some Male GOP Legislators Just Aren't Interested in Discussing Gender Inequalities

When it comes to gender equality, we've still got a ways to go. And some GOP legislators just don't want to talk about it.

Elijah Haahr Proposes Bill to Legalize Discrimination

Elijah Haahr filed a bill that would allow religous groups on college campuses to discriminate while still enjoying the benefits of being a sanctioned student group.

KS Budget Crisis Continues, Rex Sinquefield Still Wrong

Rex Sinquefield, who has idolized Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's risky tax cutting policies, is being proven wrong.

STL Public Radio: GOP Leaders "Lack Specific Agenda" for 2015 Session

So... what happened to the "100 Great Ideas for Missouri" campaign from John Diehl and Rex Sinquefield? The one that Sinquefield front group Grow Missouri said would get a "large part" of $2.5M in Sinquefield cash?

GOP Leader: MO Ethics Laws "Weakest in the Country"

Seasoned Jefferson City Rep., Jay Barnes, said Missouri's ethics laws are the "weakest in the country."

Let's Count the Ways Brattin's Bill is Legitimately Terrible

Brattin said he was inspired to file the bill because of a law he believed exists that requires men to receive a spouses permission to have a vasectomy. Of course, there is no such law in Missouri.


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