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Senator McCaskill's MOLeg smackdown

Senator McCaskill was on Political Speaking last week. Check out these choice words about the Missouri legislature's failure to expand Medicaid and its obsession with conspiracy theories. 

Top 10 Missouri Moments on Late-night TV

 Missouri has provided its share of material for late night comics in recent years. Here are some of our favorite clips.  

CPAC Craziness, Condensed

The masses descended on St. Louis last month for CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. There was certainly an excess of Crazy in attendance, including various Missouri State Legislators. Check out these excerpts from their speeches below.

Rep. Casey Guernsey thinks we could cut 1,000,000,000 from the state budget, no big deal ya'll.

“I could actually think off the top of my head where we could cut an additional billion dollars and none of us would feel the difference in this room.” 

Wagner's abrupt shift on the GOP shutdown

Congresswoman Ann Wagner was on CNN a few weeks ago discussing the looming GOP Government Shutdown and parroting falsehoods about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Wrong Approach for Missouri

You may have seen stories this week by the StarBeacon or Post-Dispatch about a proposal from Gov. Nixon’s administration to “turn away federal food stamp aid intended to help states hurt most by the recession.”

Progress Missouri Flying Aerial Banner Over Friday Football Game in Rep. Neth’s Backyard

Progress Missouri is sending an aerial banner to fly over the 17th House District Friday evening to advertise Rep. Myron Neth’s votes for HB253, the radical tax scheme that would have harmed Liberty schools -- and public education across the state -- if it had become law.



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