The 27 Missouri Republicans Who Voted Against ALEC's 'Right to Work' Nonsense

Here's a full list of all the Republican Missouri legislators who voted against ALEC's so-called 'right to work' legislation (HB 116) last session. Attacks on Missouri workers are opposed by a large bipartisan coalition is the General Assembly.

  • Rep. Linda Black
  • Rep. Kathie Conway
  • Rep. Kevin Corlew

"I voted against HB 116 for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, as I met with constituents at their doorsteps throughout last year, I asked each person what issues were important to them. I heard from many working families in our district then, and since taking office, who were greatly concerned with and were against the proposed private-sector RTW legislation. So my vote against HB 116 was a vote that represented the constituents in our district."

  • Rep. Robert Cornejo

"When you’ve got, you know, government getting in between a contractual relationship between an employer and a group of employees, that's government interference and that's not necessarily the conservative argument."

  • Sen. Tom Dempsey
  • Rep. Kevin Engler
  • Rep. Paul Fitzwater
  • ​Rep. Elaine Gannon
  • Rep. Ron Hicks

“How about we protect the jobs we already have? Instead of trying to get rid of them? How about we try to build our economy? Let's go back 10-15 years ago small businesses were booming, I didn't hear about a 'right to work' issue.”

  • Rep. Galen Higdon
  • Rep. Dave Hinson
  • Rep. Bill Kidd​
  • Rep. Nick King

"I was not always opposed to Right to Work. But, as I knocked on doors, and talked to the people I represent, I learned where their hearts are and where their minds are."

  • Rep. Bart Korman
  • ​Rep. Jeanie Lauer
  • Rep. John McCaherty

"The Missouri Chamber did a Gallup poll […] the number one thing that Missouri is missing, that businesses are looking for, is workforce development [...] Not 'right to work.' They’re not looking for a state that has 'right to work.'” 

  • Rep. James Neely
  • Rep. Randy Pietzman
  • Rep. Shane Roden

"​Despite my best efforts HB 116, 'right to work,' passed the Missouri House… I plan to uphold the veto and continue to fight against 'right to work' and other union legislation. 'Right to work' is wrong for Missouri."

  • Sen. Gary Romine​
  • Rep. Becky Ruth

"I was proud to stand with my constituents by voting 'No' on this 'right to work' bill. As State Representative, my job is to listen to the constituents in my district and work to be a voice on their behalf."

  • Rep. Dan Shaul
  • Sen. Ryan Silvey
  • Rep. Sheila Solon
  • ​Rep. Chrissy Sommer
  • Sen. Paul Wieland

"When you go home and go to the grocery store, you go to church, you go get gas, the people that come up to talk to me say, 'You guys aren't going to pass right to work? You're not going to vote for it, are you?' No one has ever come up to me and said, 'Paul, we really need for you to go up there and vote for right to work.' That's just never happened.”

  • Rep. Anne Zerr

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